NSCDC Unveils Illegal Petroleum Products Peddling Syndicate In Aba, Abia State

...Seals Park


In a concerted effort to combat oil theft and bunkering activities, the Abia State Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), under the leadership of Commandant CC Usman Ishaq Alfadarai fdc, MINIM MFR, has uncovered a disturbing trend in Aba.
During a press briefing held on April 25, 2024, at the crime scene Ama Hausa park, situated within the onion market Urata in Aba, Abia State, Commandant Alfadarai disclosed a significant breakthrough in their ongoing investigations.

Earlier in the week, the NSCDC had paraded two suspects allegedly involved in the theft of crude oil at Shell Well Head 26 in Owaza, Ukwa West local government area of Abia State.
This initial arrest prompted further scrutiny, leading to the discovery of Ama Hausa park as a hub for the sale of substandard and adulterated petroleum products.

The Commandant revealed that the NSCDC apprehended over 50 individuals engaged in the illicit trade of petroleum products. During a tour of the area, he identified more than 30 shops stocked with suspected illegally refined petroleum products, along with six vehicles loaded with these products destined for distribution across the country.

Due to grave safety concerns, Commandant Alfadarai announced the immediate cessation of all activities within Ama Hausa Park, emphasizing the potential catastrophic consequences of any fire outbreak in the area. Consequently, the park has been sealed off, pending further investigations and the removal of the illegal products.

Commandant Alfadarai reiterated the commitment of the NSCDC to delve deeper into the matter, vowing to uncover the sources of the crude oil being locally refined and to apprehend those responsible. The decisive action taken by the NSCDC underscores their dedication to ensuring the safety and security of all citizens and the preservation of critical infrastructure.

Ijeoma Amah