About Us, Vision, Mission, Mandate and Activities

Vision – To Build A Dynamic and Participatory Public Information System that Fosters National Unity, Growth and Development As Well As Sustains the Positive Values and Culture of the Nigerian People.

Mission – To Establish and Maintain A Robust Information Dissemination Mechanism that Promotes Our Tourism Potentials and Enhance Our Cultural Values.

Mandate – Management of the Image, Reputation and Promotion of the Culture of the People and Government of Nigeria through a Dynamic Public Information System that Facilitates Access by Citizens and the Global Community to Credible and Timely Information.


  • Strategic Communication of Government Policies and Programmes As Well As Feedback;
  • Building A Positive Image for the Country and Promoting National Consciousness;
  • Providing Effective Regulatory Environment for the Media and Allied Industry;
  • Enlightenment on Civic Education Programmes and the Nigerian Public Sector Integrity At Work Project;
  • Educating Nigerians Against Ethnic, Religious and Sectional Intolerance and Manipulations;
  • Developing Among Nigerians, Cultural Values and Awareness that will Inculcate the Spirit of Patriotism, Nationalism,  Self-Discipline and Self Reliance.
  • Educating Nigerians Against the Evils of Cultism, Examination Malpractices, Prostitution and Encouraging Socially Desirable Attitude.
  • Providing An Information Bank through the National Archives by Ensuring Permanent Custody, Care and Control of All Archives of the Federal Government and Making Same Avaliable for Research Purposes.
  • Developing and Promoting Cultural Sites and Tourism Destinations for Sustainable Economic Development.