Those Who Destroyed Abia’s Past Cannot Guide Her Efforts To Rebuild What They Destroyed 


Those Who Destroyed Abia’s Past Cannot Guide Her Efforts To Rebuild What They Destroyed

Since the publication of the 3rd quarter expenditure report of the Abia State government in fulfillment of her commitment to transparency and accountability in governance, the corrupt opposition establishment who destroyed the past the present government is speedily rebuilding has gone berserk with their propaganda in their attempt to bring down the government.

Their first shot was to lie with statistics from the published report. They said the office of the Governor spent 927 million on food whereas the accurate figure that the entire Ministries; Departments and Agencies of the government including the Government House where the office of the Governor is domiciled spent on refreshments including special events like retreats, conferences etc is 223.3 million.

I asked myself what is 223.3 million spent in 3 months by MDAs of the State Government totaling about 70 compared to billions the corrupt establishment condemning Governor Otti shared among themselves every month that left the state with no good roads, hospitals, good public schools, nonpayment of salaries and pensions, insecurity, and so on?

Those who spent 4 years plus constructing drainage (gutter) along Aba Owerri Road in Aba are shamelessly criticizing Gov. Otti who had reconstructed and commissioned 6 roads in Aba within 5 months of assumption of office. About 9 other roads are currently ongoing and at various levels of completion in the same Aba.

Those who paid salaries in arrears and owed State Civil Servants 2 months as they exited office are shamelessly criticizing Gov. Otti who pays salaries on the 28th of every month and has cleared the 2 months’ arrears he inherited from them and is up to date with salary payment in the State.

Those who owed the Health Management Board 15 months salary arrears; Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) over 20 months arrears, Abia State Polytechnic over 30 months arrears; and so on when they exited office have suddenly become champions of workers’ welfare in Abia State.

Those who borrowed money for projects and embezzled what they borrowed leaving the State with a debt of over 190 billion have suddenly become economic experts advising Gov. Otti on financial management and prudence.

Those who left the State with over 40 billion pension arrears have suddenly become sympathizers and mouthpieces of the retirees they starved many of them to death and made life hell for the ones alive while they held power. They are now criticizing Gov. Otti for meticulously verifying the record of pensioners in order to pay the billions of pension arrears they stole while in power.

Those who could not keep Aba clean and made her a reference point for refuse dumps and dirtiness are criticizing a Governor who in just six months has recorded significant improvement in keeping Aba clean and also engaged the private sector for greater improvement and to convert the huge waste generated in the State from waste to wealth.

Those who abandoned our health institutions to decay/ruins and boldly announced on National Television that they gave nursing mothers who gave birth in government hospitals five hundred naira, are criticizing a government that has retrofitted and renovated some General Hospitals including Amachara General Hospital; renovated and retrofitted Abia Specialist Hospital & Diagnostic Center and Eye Center Umauhia and has also started renovating Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH) Aba.

Those who allowed substandard schools to spread across the State because they can afford to sponsor the education of their children in the best schools across the world from embezzled public funds, are criticizing a government that has inspected over 900 schools in less than 6 months and shut down over 90 them that did not meet the minimum requirement that parents could wish for their children if all things being equal.

Those who could not pay ordinary electricity bills for public institutions/government offices are shamelessly criticizing a government that is reconnecting government institutions and offices to public power supply to save energy costs.

Those who could not fix and make the commissioners’ quarters habitable are shamelessly criticizing a government that has renovated the commissioners’ quarters and allocated same to commissioners to live in and feel comfortable to work.

Those who pocketed over five hundred million naira monthly as security votes when foreign exchange was 305 but could not secure the state, as the Umunneochi/Uturu axis of the State was turned into a burial ground by criminal gangs who annexed the area, terrorized, robbed, kidnapped and killed Abians at will, are now questioning Gov. Otti for deploying Abia Money to secure every part of the state.

The bold security initiative of Dr. Alex Otti’s led Abia State government codenamed “Operation Crush,” a multi-agency joint security taskforce has restored peace and security to the once unsecured Umunneochi-Uturu axis of the State, abandoned to the firm grip of criminal elements by the previous administration after collecting huge sums of money as security votes monthly.

The discovery of dead bodies, human skulls and skeletons totaling about 70 around the Lokpanta cattle market alone is an eye-opener on how Abians lost their lives in the hands of criminal elements who went ahead to bury them without the knowledge of their people. Those who took hundreds of millions as security votes but watched as criminality reigned supreme in some parts of the State want Dr. Alex Otti to follow the same path with them.

The case of Prof. Uwadinachi Iweha, former Chief Medical Director of Abia State University Teaching Hospital (ABSUTH); Chief Medical Director of Abia Specialist Hospital & Diagnostic Center Umuahia; and Provost College of Medicine, Gregory University Uturu kidnapped on the 22nd June, 2022 who never returned home even after ransom was paid by his family for his release is still fresh in our memory.

Those who left the State with weak security architecture to detect and fight crime and owed security agencies operational allowances as they exited office are now questioning while Gov. Otti paid the security agents’ allowances they left with and strengthening the State’s Security architecture to detect and fight crime.

If those condemning Dr Alex for deploying Abia’s Money to protect Abians had tackled criminality headlong in the State when they held sway, the money the present government is spending on security would have been used for other purposes to develop the State.

Those who destroyed our past, put Abia State in the news for the wrong reasons, massively deployed the State’s resources to ensure that the NEW ABIA that we are witnessing under the capable leadership of Gov. Otti never happened, now want to tell and dictate to us how we should rebuild what they destroyed and the pace at which we should do so. Can you imagine their shamelessness and audacity?

Anyway, Abians have reason in defense of the man they voted for since 2015, who within just six months in governance has surpassed their expectations with his superlative performance.

Nwahiwe Chinonyerem Cleverson