The Director General Of NAFDAC Visits Aba, Abia State

...Speaks On The Dangers Of Fake And Counterfeit Products.


The Director General of NAFDAC, Prof. Mojisola Christiana Adeyeye on Wednesday, 15th May visited Aba, the business hub of Abia State for the Stakeholders Meeting of the SMEs organized by the Ministry of Digital Economy And SMEs on the theme ” EMPOWERING SMEs FOR GROWTH AND COMPLIANCE”

In her opening speech, Prof. Adeyeye expressed her joy and excitement to be in the meeting.
She said, the mandate of NAFDAC is to ensure the safety of consumable products that are produced in the country. To regulate and control the production of food and drugs, to make sure they measure up to health standards.

She stressed on the need for the production of healthy and standard products and on the adverse effects of the production and consumption of sub- standard products on the lives of the citizens.

According to her, hardly will you find a family who have not suffered loss as a result of fake drugs and products, as a result NAFDAC is out on a mission to curb the production of fake products in order to save and preserve lives.

She said, this purpose can be successfully achieved with the joint collaboration of NAFDAC and the SMEs Stakeholders.

Prof. Mojisola acknowledged the importance and place of the SMEs in the growth of Nigeria Economy.

In her words ” The growth of SMEs is very important as it contributes to the growth of Nigeria Economy”.

According to her, there are about 125, 000 MSEM with multiple products in Nigeria, that is why they take their job very serious.

“NAFDAC deals with SMEs every day, their State Coordinators interact with the public on daily basis.”

The Director General of NAFDAC, restated that the growth of SMEs is upper most in their mind , and it can only grow through interactions with them and explanation of the NAFDAC operative measures to them.

She ,however, said, the growth of the MSMEs is very important because the MSMEs contribute to about 50% of our economy and there are about 80 million Nigerians who are involved in one SME business or the other.

She thanked the Governor, Dr. Alex Otti for securing a site for the erection of the NAFDAC State office here in Aba, and also promised that they will build their Laboratory for the testing of simple regulated products because Aba people deserves it.

She encouraged the SMEs Stakeholders to get their businesses registered as NAFDAC Registration is not as costly as they think.

She offered to give free registration to the business of one hundred and fifty participants. The Stakeholders were excited over the announcement of the free registration of CAC.

The SMEs Stakeholders were lectured on how to get their products registered. During the interactive session, one of the Stakeholders said, there is need for a serious and strong regulating NAFDAC body to curb the production of fake drugs and other consumable products.

He also mentioned that NAFDAC should treat their staff with utmost care, remuneration and incentives,they should be constantly motivated so that they will always stand their ground to do their jobs without compromise in order to achieve the goal of curbing and regulating fake products.

In reaction to this, Prof. Mojisola said, they always motivate their staff, and will continue to do that. She promised they will keep regulating what people produce and mentioned they do Annual Survey to go after people who changed their formulations after NAFDAC has approved their products.
In her words, “we go to the formal and informal markets to checkmate their products. We do a lot of things to ensure that the products in the markets meet the demand of NAFDAC.”

The Governor, Dr Alex Otti, duly represented by his Deputy Engr. Ikechukwu Emetu in his opening speech welcomed the NAFDAC Director General and her team and expressed his excitement to have them in his State. He said the meeting will open new frontiers of collaboration between the State and the Federal Government in general and NAFDAC in particular.
The Governor also welcomed the MSME leaders who joined from all parts of the State. He said the meeting will ultimately set a new direction where we do not have to compromise safety for profit or become too rigid that we drive legitimate entrepreneurs out of business.

Dr Alex Otti affirmed that we need NAFDAC to guarantee the safety of what we consume and also to protect genuine entrepreneurs from those who profit in production of counterfeit products maintaining that MSMEs help to detect the pace of our economic growth.

He stressed that their importance and roles in job creation and poverty alleviation cannot be over emphasized.
Abia is a major MSME hub in Nigeria and West Africa.

The Governor in his remarks pointed out that the worth of the MSMEs Sector in Aba alone is modestly estimated at over 2 billion dollars and with the road infrastructure development and remarkable improvement in security in Aba, the State expects the figure to be tripled by the end of the year.

The Governor pointed out that the visit of NAFDAC and its team came at the rightful time.

According to him, the State is big on the production of food products and other varieties of fast moving consumer goods.

The Governor said the meeting will help the MSMEs to adopt the highest standards of best International practices in the production, packaging and storage of products. We shall work together to ensure that whatever is produced here is for consumption any where in the world.

The Governor, Dr Alex Otti thanked the Commissioner for Digital Economy and SMEs,Hon. Matthew Ekwuruibe for his commitments and hard work in making the Program a reality.

He gave the assurance that his Government will give all the necessary support to NAFDAC and the MSME business leaders to build a dynamic synergy that thrives on mutual cooperation.

He also stated that his government is a business- friendly government and stressed their decision to work with the relevant Stakeholders to guarantee that Abia becomes the best destination for ethical business practices.

The Commissioner for Digital Economy and SMEs,Hon. Matthew Ekwuruibe in his opening speech welcomed the Director General of NAFDAC Prof. Mojisola Christiana Adeyeye and her team.

He said, their administration provided ICT equipments for the Youths, due to their commitments to modernization and infrastructural development, has taken divers measures to ensure efficiency and accessibility of entrepreneurs across the State.

Also, the signing of the new policy by the Governor paved a way for streamlined process and enhancement of governance in our SMEs eco System.

Hon. Ekwuruibe said, their administration is championing the transition of informal businesses to formal enterprises by subsidizing registration cost and providing free CAC registration in collaboration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

He stated that one of their most notable achievement is their steadfast commitment to regulations and compliance to the policy standards through collaboratory efforts with the National Agency For Food and Drug Administration Control ( NAFDAC).

He said, it is their duty to ensure that the SMEs abound to strict regulations and to guarantee the safety and integrity of our products.
He was pleased to announce that the State Government will work closely with NAFDAC to enhance their regulatory capabilities and support the strength and growth of the SMES.

He expressed their gratitude to NAFDAC for their partnership and pledged their commitment to collaborating closely to ensure that products manufactured in Abia State meets the regulations and standards and abide to due process.

Hon. Ekwuruibe also extended his gratitude to the Federal Government for their support in this endeavor which will undoubtedly yield positive results for the state’s economy.

He assured that the Governor, Dr Alex Otti is making every effort to ensure regulatory compliance in all Sectors coupled with his commitments to formulation of policies that will ensure strict compliance and demonstrate our collective resort to uphold industry standards.

He restated that they will stand by collaborating with NAFDAC to ensure rigorous regulations and compliance. The present Administration will continue to strife for excellence, embracing renovations and empowering SMEs to reach new heights of success.

He urged the Stakeholders to seize the opportunity presented to them today through this medium and maximize it.

The event had so many dignitaries in attendance, which include the Director General of NAFDAC, Prof. Mojisola Christiana Adeyeye, the Deputy Governor, Engr Ikechukwu Emetu, Commissioner for Digital Economy and SMEs, Hon. Matthew Ekwuruibe, Commissioner for Agricuture , Prof.Monica Irokwe and other Commissioners, the market leader of Abia State,Chief Odigbo, SSA to the Governor Dr Nwogbe Obioma, Director of Operations, Mr Uche Ogah, Special Aides to the Governor and Deputy Governor, Chiarman of ASMATA, Aba and Umuahia Chamber of Commerce, Market Leaders, President of Umuahia Chamber of Commerce,

Chief Chidi Aroma, Traditional Rulers, Stakeholders and several others.

Okezie Grace.
FIC ,Umuahia.