Nigerian Army Hosts 33rd Social Media Seminar in Abia, Focusing on National Security


The Nigerian Army convened its 33rd Social Media Seminar on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024, at the GIA Event Center in Aba, Abia State. With the theme “Enhancing National Security Through The Responsible Use of Social Media,” the event aimed to underscore the pivotal role of social media in shaping public opinion and fostering peace and security.

In his opening remarks, Major General Hassan Dada, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, emphasized the importance of responsible social media usage in promoting peace and security. He cautioned against the dissemination of harmful or divisive content, stressing the potential detrimental impact on societal cohesion.

Major General Dada urged participants to heed the discussions and teachings of the seminar, highlighting the dangers posed by the spread of fake news and misinformation. He called upon Nigerians to recognize the positive contributions of the military in ensuring national security and to offer their full support.

Use your social media handle to report to the “nearest military establishment” about the excesses of some bad eggs among the military while on duty.

” Our names are on our uniform. Get the name of the erring soldier at the checkpoint. Get the name and the location, and send it to us. We will take action immediately.

“We know of so many atrocities, including extortions at the checkpoints. We need information, and we will deal with the soldiers involved”, Gen. Dada said.

Addressing attendees, Major-General N.C. Ugbo, Chief of Civil Military Affairs, Army Headquarters, underscored the significance of collaboration between the Nigerian Army and stakeholders in maintaining peace and enhancing security.
He reiterated the collective responsibility of all citizens in safeguarding national security.
Brigadier General O.O. Diya, Commander of the 14 Brigade Nigerian Army, emphasized the importance of using social media for constructive purposes
During the seminar, Dr. Ehiz Odigie-Okpataku and Prof. J.U. Ogbonna delivered insightful presentations on curtailing negative content and combating fake news on social media, respectively. They emphasized the need for social media influencers and users to prioritize accuracy and responsibility in their online activities.

Nollywood actor , Mr. Osita Iheme, popularly known as “Pawpaw,” echoed the call for positive social media engagement, urging influencers to refrain from disseminating fake news or incendiary content.

Osita Iheme urged social media users to minimise what they post on the platforms and always confirm the authenticity of their information before hitting the publish button.
“Social media was not created to cause harm but educate and sensitise the people to what is happening around them and should not be a tool to incite the public. Remember that whatever you send out on social media describes who you are, so use the media positively,” Iheme said.

The seminar also featured an interactive session where participants engaged in discussions on military-civilian relationships and related topics. Attendees included military personnel, social media influencers, journalists, bloggers, youths, and representatives from schools.

The event underscored the Nigerian Army’s commitment to leveraging social media for national security while promoting responsible online behavior among citizens. With collaborative efforts and informed engagement, the seminar aimed to foster a safer and more cohesive society.

Akudo Ezi Ijendu
Okezie Grace Amarachi
Okugo Mabel Nwadiuto
Amah Ijeoma
Chinweuche Gold Uloma
Onyebuchi Juliet Nwabu.