Hardship Saga

...Market Women Cry Out In Ehere Market Of Ogbor Hill, Aba


The market women of a sub- section of the Ehere market, Ogbor hill has decried on the negative effects of the economic melt down on their petty businesses as well as their families.
This group of women who comprises of uneducated elderly women and young ladies who are not learned but earn a living and make ends meet with their daily sells are worried over the present inflation and condition of the economy.

The women lamented over the high cost of goods and commodities ranging from Agricultural produce to important consumer goods. They narrated on how they buy goods at costly prices and find it difficult to sell it off rapidly as consumers these days hardly can afford to spend lavishly. As a result, more often than not, they lose their capitals as well as their profits on their perishable goods, there by affecting and pulling down their businesses.

Also, the daily increase in prices of things in the market is another factor that is affecting their petty trading as customers kept complaining and bargaining even below the cost price of the goods.
According to them, it wasn’t this way prior to this economic climate.
These market women in their words say ” We feed our families, assist our husbands and take care of ourselves and children from the daily sales and profit we make”. But, in a situation where we loose our profits to perishable products due to lack of fund on the side of the buyers is a very huge blow on our businesses, our means of lively hood.

So many of the market women who sell under the umbrellas with their wares displayed on a table cried out on the untold hardship which they are facing as a result of inflation and economic melt down, hence could not afford to rent a lock up shop for convenience sake.
They lamented on how often they fall sick and are hospitalized as a result of the scorch of the sun on their bodies on a daily basis.
Also, the humiliation and disgrace which they face in the hands of the Market masters and Task force on daily basis as they go round collecting dues without minding if they made sales or not is very appalling.

These women said, this untold hardship has really tortured and inflated excruciating pain on them and their families as some of their children are now school drop outs due to lack of funds for payment of tuition fees. Many of them hardly have three square meals as they struggle to feed at least twice in a day.

More so, payment of accommodation is now a very big challenge, as house rents were increased. So many of them are the bread winners in their homes while some confided that they are widows and have no helpers. Some of the market women said their husbands are just into menial jobs and find it difficult to make both ends meet as a result of the economic climate.
The market women of Ehere market have pleaded on the Government to have pity on the state of the poor masses and step into this hard situation to

salvage it.

Grace Okezie
FIC ,Umuahia.