Governor Otti  Says He Is Committed To Positvely Touch The Lives Of Abians Passionately


Governor Otti, In A Group Photograph With The Visiting Seventh Day Adventist Church Members.

Abia State Governor, Dr Alex Otti, OFR, says he is committed to positvely touching the lives of people and giving joy to the indigent in the Society.

Governor Otti spoke Wednesday when he received in audience, the World Leadership of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, led by the General Conference President, Pastor Ted Wilson, who visited him in commemoration of the church’s centenary anniversary celebration.

He noted that his firm belief in human capital development brought about the establishment of the Alex Otti Foundation (AOF), which has continued to grant scholarship awards to university students and other assistance to hundreds of less privileged in the society.

“This is one of the most difficult times to be in leadership. But again, this is also a time that if you do it right, you leave your name in gold.

“We have committed ourselves to ensuring that the people will rejoice in this state. It may be difficult, but we’re determined, and we’re deliberate about it to ensure that everything we’re doing is to make the greatest impact in the majority of the people. It may not be everyone but the majority of the people,” Governor Otti explained.

The Governor thanked God for granting the Church grace to witness 100 years of existence and expressed joy that the event is holding at a time that he is entrusted with the responsibility to lead Abia People .

He declared that the church’s 100 years anniversary has been a source of blessing to the South East part of the country, adding that the celebration calls for stock taking, looking at the journey so far.

“How far we’ve gone in spreading the word should be a major challenge. Some people, even in this State, have not known the truth. Evangelism should be a major part of our agenda as we clock 100 years. While we are celebrating 100 years, we should also look at how far we’ve gone,” he said.

According to the Governor, “Our character, the way we touch people, who need help, education, health; the impact we are making, that speaks a thousand words.”

The Governor told his visitors that he chose to operate from home for the time being in order to be able to manage the cost of governance. “Good governance starts with managing the cost of governance. If you’re not careful, the resources that are limited could be deployed to managing government rather than managing the governed,” he said.

He added: “By the time we came in in May, we found that we were going to spend a whole lot of money fixing the Governor’s Office. Luckily, we have here (facilities at home) and able to run from here. We’ll continue to do this until we have been able to deal with a lot of the hygiene problems; problems of health, problems of education, problems of infrastructure; infrastructural decay particularly in Aba and a lot of the other hygiene problems we’re dealing with in the state.

“By the time we are finished with that and we have some elbow room, then we can now face the Governor’s Office. It’s not a priority.”

Speaking earlier, the General Conference President, Pastor Ted Wilson, extolled the Governor for doing wonderful things in the State.

He said that the visit to Abia is in commemoration of the centenary celebration of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Nigeria and used the forum to encourage every one to focus on the mission of the Church to help government support the people physically, spiritually and mentally.

He also encouraged all to assist government in providing quality education, healthcare services and active involvement in community development.

Pastor Wilson described the centenary celebration as a unique opportunity to remember the past and how God has led the Church so far in the West and Central African region.