Governor Alex Otti Assures Abians Of More Democratic Dividends In Infrastructural Revolutions


Governor Alex Otti says he is fixing and reconstructing roads in various communities in order to create access for economic rejuvenation in Abia state .

Governor Otti stated that his administration is deliberate in the infrastructural revolutions in Abia , adding that he is in government to impact lives positively.

The Governor, who was speaking during the monthly media chat tagged “Governor Alex Otti Speaks to Abians ” said rather than stressing on the provision of palliatives, his government is looking for more enduring solutions to the economic challenges of the people.

“We are looking at the more enduring solutions. So all the things we do is actually to arm you, to give you an instrument and to teach you how to fish rather than giving you fish.

” Our people luckily are not really very dependent people. If we give them the wings , they would fly. Think of the small and medium scale enterprises, think of the woman selling akara, the woman selling fish and tomatoes, once you give them access, they would succeed.

“So, when we are doing those roads it is actually deliberate, we know that the people who are producing food stuff, that’s agricultural produce, in different communities, a lot of them are not able to take them to the town because there is no access. This is one of the ways to empower them. What we are doing is what we expect will impact more positively and in a sustainable fashion than just sharing money and sharing rice, but that doesn’t mean we are not, but we are doing it , we are targeting the most vulnerable”

The state chief executive announced that he wouldl in the next few weeks flag off the reconstruction of the Osisioma-Ekeakpara- NNPC depot road. He noted that the road is strategic to the economy of the state as it leads to the industrial zones of the state.

Governor Otti also made public that work has started on Ohanku and Obohia roads in Aba in addition to 29 other roads where work is ongoing in various parts of Abia.

He said that his administration has awarded contract for the reclaiming of the Ovom- Ogbor-Hill gully erosion and other erosion sites with support of ecological fund, adding that the over all intension of his government is to make the environment habitable for the people.

The Governor blamed the long time that it has taken to patch up many roads cut open in the ongoing operation free potholes to the inability to source chippings due to the strike action embarked at various quarry sites.

On the salary arrears of some government agencies including ASCETA, ASUBEB, Abialine Network among others owed by previous administrations, Governor Otti assured that workers in these parastatals would soon receive their arrears as they are being keyed into the system, since the pensions have been defrayed.

The state chief executive noted that in a bid to ensure sanity across major cities of the state ,a joint taskforce has been set up to deal permanently with the issues of touting, traffic offences, wrong parking, extortion among other anomalies.

“We are still aware that…
Some lorries and trucks are still plying during the day time against the abolishment by the state Govt. ,even on major roads in Aba especially.”
“Illegal touts and agberos are still creeping out from their hiding places to extort money from motorists in disobedience to the laid down law by the state”
“Some Uniform men are still extorting money from motorists especially keke and okada riders in the guise of security enforcement.”
“Some daylight robbers masquerading as revenue collectors are still going around looking for who to manhunt into making them believe that the government is still in the business of cash payment of revenue”
“Some residents of Umuahia and Aba especially are still littering their environment, dumping refuse illegally and blocking drainages with sewage etc.
All these and more happening remotely in some parts of the state , we are fully aware of, this is why the government have set up the unified taskforce units to manhunt these cr1minal elements and bring them to book.”
“Nobody should criticize or blame the government when these actions that have been put up starts yielding results.”
In the earliest days of this administration,enough time and resources was spent in orientation and teaching on what and what to do and what not to do,the Government has pleaded and begged enough”
“Therefore, since you have refused to Abide by the rules and regulations laid down in the state, prepare to face the morning bell that rings in the prison yard,because these taskforce unit are parading with a mobile court and once you’re gotten in any act of misdemeanor against the law, you will be dealt with accordingly with the same law you ignored.”
The Governor noted that work is ongoing at various Local government headquarters in addition to various communities and assured that his administration would continue to support the local government Mayors for more development projects at the grassroot level.