Court Warns Chioma Toplis Against Maligning Publications on Bawas


The high court Sitting in Umuahia on Wednesday continued the hearing of the malicious case against the Traditional Prime Minister, Ibeku Ancient Kingdom , High Chief Uche Akwukwuegbu Bawas by one Chioma Toplis a Nollywood actress.

The Presiding Judge, Justice Enwereji at the continued hearing enquired from the Counsel to the witness Barr. A.I Ogbuaba, that the defendant, Chioma Toplis has relegated to the background part of her bail conditions by constantly engaging in cyber stalking, negleting court orders, reveling that she has continued to publish provocative stories against High Chief, Uche Akwukwuegbu, Bawas.

While responding to the newspaper publication in one of the dailies as tendered as exhibit before the court, Justice Enwereji cautioned Chioma Toplis to refrain from constantly publishing stories that tend to incite, ridicule the reputation of the witness to the public.

Justice Enwereji again, said it was wrong for Chioma Toplis to continue disregarding the recommendations of the court, not minding that the matter is being handled with a view to ensuring that justice prevails.

The Judge also threatened to withdraw the case from the court and transfer to another if Counsel to Chioma Toplis continues to exhibit unruly behaviour which tend to ridicule the court.

Justice Enwereji also warned both parties in the matter to comport themselves while presenting their views on the matter.

Enwereji ,however, reminded Counsel to the Defendant that his client must appear in court any time she is summoned else she will be detained.

During the hearing, Counsel to the Defendant had earlier prayed the court to vacate the order against his client, citing logistics problems, as her client had already paid for number of days to stay in the hotel pending the days of the hearing.

Addressing newsmen, Counsel to the witness, Barr. A.I Ogbuaba, said, the Cyber Crime Act came in order to prevent people from making inciting publications against others, stressing that Chioma Toplis has continued to engage in cyber bullying and making inciting publications against the witness (Uche Akwukwuegbu).

He decried that the Defendant, instead of using her bail to prepare for defence, is using it to forestall the prosecution which he has reminded the court and the need for the court to cancel her bail because she has constantly engaged in cyber bullying.

Barr. A.I Ogbuaba, however told newsmen that the matter has been adjourned to 19th and 20th March, 2024.

Okugo Nwadiuto Mabel
FIC Umuahia