Children’s Day

...Governor Alex Otti Promises Enabling Educational Environment For School Children In Abia State


The Governor of Abia State,Dr Alex Otti has promised to create an enabling educational enviroment for school children in Abia state.

He made this statement during his speech at the Abia State Children’s day program which took place at the Umuahia township stadium on the 27th day of May,2024.

He said”The most important gift to a child is education,hence the need to create enabling enviroment for children to succeed.He revealed that 20% Of Abia budget has been voted to the education sector and pointed out that His government will stop at nothing to ensure that Government primary and post primary schools look a certain way or are up to the expected standard”.

Dr.Alex Otti apologized to the children of Abia state on behalf of past administrations for poor leadership which led to the neglect of the educational sector and lack of quality infrastructure in our schools and assured that the story would be different from now on.

According to him “Schools would be renovated before the end of the year and basic standard infrastructure such as electronic library, Science laboratories , computer laboratories ,teachers quarters and many more would be made available for use by schools.

His vision is ” to produce the Elon musk and Mark Zukerberg of our time and to ensure that there is no marginalization of children and that their rights are protected.

Governor Otti inorder to ensure that every child in Abia State is educated declared also stated that from henceforth in Abia State it is now an offence for a child to be denied their right to education and in order to ensure that this policy is implemented,the House of Assembly will make a legislation supporting the policy.

He noted that inorder to ensure that even the less privileged are educated “We are working out ways to institute a scholarship scheme for that will accommodate both the intelligent ,less privileged .

Dr Alex Otti having inquired immediately about some of the challenges faced by some physically challenged students who were in attendance gave immediate Order to give them the necessary assistance which included gifting them a bus , abolition movement of any form of levy and repairs of the damaged fence of their schools.He also state that the name of one the school should be changed from School of the mentally Retarded to the School of the mentally challenged.

Earlier in her address,the Commissioner of Women Affairs, Mrs Ngozi Blessing stated that today is dedicated to celebrate our children.

She maintained that “it is a day to cherish the laughter, innocence and boundless potentials that each child brings into our lives.
Children are a gift to us,they are determined and resilient” .

She pointed Out that inspite of the heavy downpour,they stood their ground and continued with their marchpast and thanked the Governor for standing by the children in that time of challenge.

Speaking on the theme of children day in Nigeria for 2024,”Enhancing the total well being of the Nigeria child through quality education and skill development”she said” the theme reflects on the commitment to priotizing the welfare of and development of children in Nigeria and Abia State.

She further opined that the children day programme serves as a platform to raise awareness about the challenges facing children and to advocate for interventions that will improve their lives .

She revealed that Abia State Governor,Dr Alex Otti is very passionate about right protection, education, development and welfare of Abia children and is highly committed to making sure the younger generation get what they deserve .

In a Message from the Wife of the Governor,Mrs Priscilia Otti revealed that her office is set to provide basic school needs of school children which will include school uniforms, school bags ,first aid kit,wash material,organise program aimed at providing practical skills for school children and many more.

Some students from the School of the blind Afaraukwu,John Paul ikenna Oscar Igwe of school of deaf and dumb and physically challenged world bank described 27th May,2024 as special and appreciated the Governor and the organizers of the program for including them.

The children’s day event was attended by over forty schools in Abia State and highlights of the event include dance competitions, fashion parade and marching by the students.The winners were given their trophies and also cash award .

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