Alex Otti Renews His Resolve To Escalate Good Governance To Abians

... While President Tinubu Receives Commendation For Non Interference In Supreme Court Reaffirmation Of Abia Alex Otti


Following his affirmation by the Supreme Court, Abia state Governor Dr. Alex Otti, OFR, has renewed his resolve to give Abia people good governance.

Governor Otti, who was addressing the press after the reaffirmation of his victory by the Supreme court, on Friday, said he is determined to restore the dignity of the Abia man.

According to the Governor, his desire is to ensure that Abia is reckoned with positively in the league of states in Nigeria.

Governor Otti thanked President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for remaining firm in his resolve that the judiciary should be independent, noting that his non intervention in the judiciary has brought about positive results in the country.

“I want to thank His Excellency, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu for remaining firm to the resolve that the judiciary should be independent.

“If he did not do that, perhaps, some of the judgements and verdicts that were given today may have been different.

“I want to encourage him to continue in that light. I believe that his non intervention in the judiciary has produced positive results in the country today.

“A few places where people were getting ready to burn down places today has sheathed their swords because the rule of law prevailed,” Governor Otti noted.

The State Chief Executive equally applauded the judiciary for remaining firm by not allowing the people’s will to be truncated by desperate politicians, maintaining that by so doing, it has proved that it is indeed the last hope of the common man.

He thanked all the Governorship Candidates especially those that did not go to court for being supportive as well as annointed men of God for their prayers.

He used the medium to invite his opponents to sheath their swords and come up with ideas that will bring about positive development to the state.

“I want to invite everyone including my opponents who were in court with me to say now that the battle is over, you have no choice but to sheath your sword.

“I invite you to come with every idea you have, let us sit down and discuss because the most important thing is Abia state.

“Anybody that has anything to contribute to the positive development of Abia State is welcome, irrespective of your political lining, irrespective of your ethnic lining, irrespective of your religious lining , we are one and the same people.

“From now on, division cannot be allowed in Abia State. We are all in one boat , anybody who wants the good of our State should join us in this boat and the boat is large enough to accept and receive everyone”, he enjoined.

The Abia state Governor who used the forum to congratulate his colleague Governors who also won their cases in court, called on the people of Obingwa to jettison the outdated and fraudulent means of elections manipulation that they have been known for years now.

Governor Otti thanked God for the victory. He also thanked the Abia people for standing solidly behind him in the effort to rescue the state from mal-administration.

He further appreciated Nigerians who according to him, have embraced his governance model and have at different fora said positive things about what his administration is doing in Abia state.
His Excellency’s tpriumph at the supreme court stands as a divine affirmation of the people’s resounding choice.

At different foras,Abians unanimously attested in

acknowledging the judiciary, we recognize it as the ultimate refuge for the common man. It serves as the bastion of justice, where fairness prevails, and the rule of law is upheld. This landmark victory is a testament to the pivotal role the judiciary plays as the last hope for justice in our society.

In the chorus of celebration, the people of Abia join their voices in expressing gratitude to the judiciary,

In conclusion, this victory at the tribunal is seen as God’s affirmation of the people’s choice, echoes the sentiment that justice, like the shining moon, cannot be concealed. Congratulations to the people of Abia, and may this triumph serve as a beacon of hope for the resilience of democracy and the enduring spirit of justice in our society.