Indeed, the superlative performance of Gov. Alex Otti, OFR, in the last four months have continued to politically and socio-economically suffocate and frustrate the architects of our ignominious past. The stark reality has dawned on them that with the people-centered governance, egalitarian policies of Gov. Otti, and his insistence on doing the right things which they are averse to, their political extinction in Abia’s political space will happen even before Governor Otti reach half of his first term in office.

For 8 solid years from – 2015 to March 2023 when he won the governorship election, Gov. Otti, then the only credible Opposition leader in the State, constructively engaged the ruling establishment to do the right things: pay workers their salaries and pensioners their pensions; reform and strengthen our institutions; build roads and other basic amenities to make life better for all Abians and residents which they refused to do.

What Gov. Otti did for 8 years the present so-called ‘opposition’ cannot even do for four months. The reason is that there is a limit that propaganda can go in politics and what is built on falsehood does not last. It is difficult to convince the citizens that a performing government is not performing because they can feel and see things for themselves.

How do you convince civil servants who now receive their salaries on the 28th of every month unlike before when they were paid in arrears that Gov. Alex Otti is not working?

How do you convince small business owners at Ishigate Umuahia or Aba who are no longer scared and worried about State backed thugs harassing them even to the point of destroying their goods in the name of collecting revenue which ends up mainly in private accounts that Gov. Otti is not working?

How do you convince the pensioner who now receives pension alerts even as the Government is trying to verify and ascertain the accurate record of pensioners in the State in order to clear the many years of pension arrears owed them by past governments that Gov. Otti is not working?

How do you convince the about 5000 pensioners who have been enrolled in the State Government’s health Insurance Scheme to access free healthcare that Gov. Otti is not working?

How do you convince thousands of Abians that have benefited from the free medical scheme of the State Government that Gov. Otti is not working?

How do you explain to Abians that Gov. Otti is not working having seen the Commissioning of the First phase of Cemetery Road, Emelogu Road, Shallom Road for public use; and with Jubilee Road, Old Express Road, Udeagbala Road in Aba done in less than 5 months about to be commissioned?

How do you explain to Abians that Gov. Otti is not working having seen the flag-off and ongoing construction of six-lane Ossah-Opara Square road in Umuahia the State capital with owners of the affected properties compensated?

How do you also convince Abians that Dr Alex Otti is not working having witnessed the flag-off of the strategic Port Road Aba, awarded to the construction giant – Julius Berger, which was abandoned by the previous Governments even after demolishing people’s properties worth hundreds of millions without compensation?

How do you explain to Ukwa people that Gov. Otti is not working when they have witnessed the commissioning of Umuokomiri – Obehie road in Ukwa West LGA and the groundbreaking ceremony of the Abia Innovation and Industrial Park (AIIP) at Owaza in Ukwa land?

For the Abia opposition and/or corrupt establishment, political jobbers and pretenders who had always presented themselves as cogs in the wheel of genuine efforts to liberate and develop Abia State, the chicken has come to roost. What they feared since 2015 is now happening. Gov. Alex Otti, OFR, is seamlessly doing the things he asked them to do which their avarice wouldn’t let them do. But the most shameful and tortuous part of it is that it is happening faster than they expected it.

Having failed woefully to woo Abians and residents to their side with their propaganda against the 4 months old administration of Gov. Otti that has performed above the expectations of Abians and Nigerians, they decided to enlist the help of the Federal Government in their desperation to survive the untimely political extinction that Gov. Otti’s less than 5 months outstanding performance has brought on them.

Their last hope in their hopeless effort to truncate Abia’s transition from a retrogressive past to a progressive and secured glorious future is to pitch the State against the federal Government by linking the Governor with the sponsorship of the activities of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB); threatening the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal seating in Umuahia to deliver judgment in its favour; and using State funds to sponsor Mr. Peter Obi’s Electoral Litigation against president Tinubu.

The State Government through a Press Conference, debunked the spurious allegations manufactured from the bottomless pit of hell by the roundly defeated opposition on the March 18th governorship ballot, unanimously affirmed by the October 6th Judgment of the Election Petition Tribunal. The State Government further requested the Federal Government to investigate the allegations by the frustrated opposition.

The irony of it all is that while the opposition through their sponsored agents were busy churning out their lies against Gov. Alex Otti in Abuja, the N0 6 man in Nigeria – the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Rt. Hon. Benjamin Kalu, was in Owaza in Ukwa West LGA assisting Gov. Otti to Perform the groundbreaking ceremony of the Abia Industrial and Innovation Park (AIIP).

In what I will describe as statements of endorsement, partnership and collaboration to develop Abia State, Rt. Hon. Ben Kalu said, “The significance of this event is not lost on any of us; it is a testament of Gov. Otti’s dedication to the betterment of the people of Abia. This groundbreaking ceremony marks the commencement of the journey towards prosperity, the journey towards self-reliance, the journey of the empowerment of our youths and entrepreneurs.”

Speaking further, the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representative said, “It is not just the Abia State Government that is at work here, we are fortunate to find ourselves in an era of remarkable leadership at the federal level. Your son is the number 6 citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And, this your son is partnering with the Governor of the State irrespective of political party affiliation. My political philosophy has been, after election governance takes the center stage.”
“And I will support Gov. Otti as the Governor of Abia State at the Federal Level to make sure that together we will be able to build the State all of us will be proud of.”

Rt. Ben Kalu further remarked, “I can I assure you that the Federal Government will not allow this project to be an abandoned project. The Federal Government will partner with the State because it is in-line with the renewed hope agenda that make sure that industrialization and projects like this that border on innovation, that they are not only commenced but they are sustained to be able to make impact on the people of Nigeria Starting from Abia State.”

Trying to pitch the State Government against the Federal Government that is already impressed with the Scintillating performance of Gov. Otti in less than 5 months in office using sponsorship of IPOB and so on is dead on arrival.

If the opposition accusing Gov. Otti had put the people first and delivered the dividends of democracy like Dr Michael Opara and Dee Sam Mbakwe of blessed memories did during their times in governance, which Gov. Otti is presently doing, Abia State and Igbo land would have been so developed that there would be no need for the agitations against marginalization of Igbos by IPOB and other Pro Biafra Groups.

The pro Biafra agitations that have claimed the lives of many of our citizens and security agents would not have risen. Mazi Nnamdi would not have been behind bars today because he would not be agitating for anything rather than a united and more prosperous Nigeria.

Those who had great opportunity to build Abia state and make it an economic powerhouse in Nigeria but failed and those who think that shutting other contestants out to become the soul aspirants to their party ticket is all they needed to become Governor, are working hard to extinguish the light of socioeconomic progress that has been ignited by the people-centered programmes and policies of Gov. Otti, which have endeared him to Abians and Nigerians.

They want to re-ignite the fire of political and socioeconomic backwardness in Abia State which Gov. Otti’s Performance is fast extinguishing. Having lost home support, they are seeking the support of the Federal Government to achieve their sinister agenda.

In their warped reasoning, the only way they can get that support is to falsely accuse the Governor of sponsoring IPOB, Peter Obi’s litigation against the election of Pres. Tinubu and so on. They hope that this will help them in their appeal against the sound verdict of the Election Petition Tribunal that affirmed the overwhelming victory of Gov. Otti on the March 18th Governorship Election. But the Federal Government knows better and cannot be deceived by the lies of the politically drowning opposition elements who orchestrated their own doom, having failed to perform when they held sway in governance.

The Federal Government knows the Governors that are working so hard to develop the economy of their States and contribute to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country thereby strengthening the Nation’s Economy. They know that Gov. Otti is one of such Governors and the Federal Government is looking forward to greater collaboration and partnerships as demonstrated at the groundbreaking Ceremony of the Abia Innovation Industrial Park (AIIP).

For the Abia corrupt opposition establishment, their tortuous and frustrated journey to political extinction has just started.

Nwahiwe Chinonyerem Cleverson