Abia Governor’s Wife Appeals For Greater Inclusiveness Of Women In The Nation’s Democratic System


As Nigeria marks Democracy Day, the Wife of the Governor of Abia State , Mrs. Priscilla Chidinma Otti, has issued a passionate appeal for greater inclusiveness of women in the nation’s democratic system. Highlighting the critical role women play in society, she emphasized the need for their active participation in all levels of decision-making processes.

In her address, which she posted on her official X handle, she praised the progress Nigeria has made in its democratic journey, honoring the leaders and citizens who have fought for and upheld democratic values. She called for a renewed commitment to these principles, particularly emphasizing the importance of accountability and transparency in governance.

“Our democracy can only thrive if it reflects the diverse voices and perspectives of all Nigerians, especially women and children,” she stated. “By ensuring their inclusion, we can build a stronger, more equitable society where every citizen has the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from our nation’s growth and prosperity.”

The Governor’s wife urged leaders and citizens alike to embrace the spirit of Democracy Day by fostering environments that empower women and children, ensuring their voices are heard and valued. This, she noted, is essential for creating a truly inclusive democracy that offers equal opportunities for all.

Her remarks were met with widespread support, resonating with many who believe that a more inclusive approach is crucial for Nigeria’s continued development.

As the nation reflects on its democratic achievements, the call to action underscores the collective responsibility to build a democracy that benefits every Nigerian.