Abia Government Prepares The State For Digital Transformation

...vows to give infrastructure, education, health agriculture, security and others great attention



Abia state governor, Dr. Alex Otti has disclosed his government’s plan to digitally transform Abia economy and boost technology in the state.

The governor disclosed this in Government House , Umuahia during the June edition of the monthly media chat tagged “Dr. Alex Otti Speaks to Abians” and appreciated Abians over the support  received from them by his administration in the last one year.

He said that the project will be heralded by the broadband technology which would provide access to Internet in the entire state.

Governor Otti announced that in the days ahead he would be appointing a chief Information technologist, to prepare the state for digital transformation and that would be heralded by the broadband technology that the state is already in its final stages of discussion.

“We are preparing our state for the next century. Wherever you are, you can have access to data. We are preparing our state for the next century”

The governor vowed to give infrastructure, education, health agriculture, security and others great attention during his second year in office.
Governor Otti assured that his infrastructural revolution will be extended to all the nooks and crannies of the 17 LGAS in the next few months.

He said that aside 90 roads rehabilitated through direct labour by the state Ministry of Works, 16 roads are already been reconstructed and commissioned by his administration while another 16 new roads representing 165 Kilometers are under construction and reconstruction across the 3 Senatorial zones of the state.

“A few weeks ago precisely on the 29th of May 2024,  we celebrated the first anniversary of this government, I want to thank all those who participated in the celebration even though as we promised, we didn’t make it  elaborate but dedicated it to the commissioning of Projects and flagging off of new Roads, during the time we commissioned old court R

road Aba, Ehi Road ,Aba that we reconstructed , infact by direct labour and the other one by contract, we had the Imperial Majesty , the Obi Of Onitsha joined us to commission those roads “
“On the 27th Of May, We commissioned the green avenue, college road and also flagged off the central bus terminal at Aba, we subsequently commissioned the former Ossah road which was named after General JTU Aguiyi Ironsi and of course, we renovated the Okpara Square ,those were done by the former number two man of this country who happens to be our son and father Chief Comodore,Ebitu Ukiwe ,who also came in person to do us that honour and thereafter we proceeded to the UmuahiaCcentral terminal and distinguished Senator Chris Adighije did us the honour to flag it off ,and there , we proceeded to Ogurube layout to commission the completed JAAC building .The building that was started by the administration of former Governor Theodore Orji but abandoned mid way, we were able to complete it and commission it”
“At the last count we have completed the reconstruction and fixing of 90 roads which were in different stages of dilapidation, all the roads were done by the Ministry of Works through a Direct Labour “

“We have re awarded the very terrible Ohanku road in Aba, we felt that the state of the road requires that we apply rigid Pavement Technology, for those who have visited that road, you will understand that work has started in Ohanku Road Aba”
“We are very strategic with roads because we believe that access is key to a great economy, we have a plan to touch every Local Government Area with Projects in the next one year”

On Education, the Governor restated that his government is not resting to ensure that the schools which were left in ruins by the last administration are renovated to an enviable standard that will stand the test of time.

The chief executive maintained  that lecturers at the Abia State University, Uturu are not been owed but have been paid salaries up to date.
“As at this afternoon, every member of Staff of Abia State University has received their Salaries up to date, anyone who hasn’t received may be having problems with his or her bank”

On the health sector, the governor said all general hospitals in the state are being retrofitted while that of primary healthcare centres are being done in batches.

“We don’t want to lose sleep in all the primary health care centers, they will receive attention, we are taking them in batches but we want our Primary Health centers to be working”

On Agriculture, the state chief executive said that the sector is receiving the needed attention to ensure food security, noting that the first batch of 300 beneficiaries drawn from various wards of the state have been sent to the CSS Farms Nasarawa state to be trained on various agricultural value chains.

He restressed that the government is partnering organizations and companies in areas of palm oil, cocoa ,rice and other agricultural value chains.

The governor, who restated his avowed commitment to bringing to account anyone remotely or directly involved in the recent killing of soldiers at the Obikabia Junction few weeks ago said his governrnment is taking the issue of security seriously and added that Operation Crush is more poised to deal decisively with criminal elements in the state.

“On security, all of us know that this government takes security very serious , Unfortunately there was a breach on the 30th of May, we all know the story, but the most important thing we have to say is that it wasn’t worse than that, but we will ensure that every one who was involved in the murder of those five soldiers must be brought to book”
“I visited the family of the deceased and I placed a bounty on the criminals and we are making positive progress and suffice it to say that nobody connected to this crime will go unpunished”

“We are getting criminal reports in Aba and Umuahia ,we have given sufficient warning and we are not warning anyone again, from this night you will see what will happen, our resolve is stronger than ever” he said.

Reacting to the issue of long over due staff promotions, conversion and confirmation, governor Otti said he had directed the Chairman,Civil Service Commission and Head of Service to look into the matter with a view to giving the matter the needed attention.
“At the last EXCO meeting, I had instructed the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission and the Head of Service to sit down and look at promotions and the like and from report that I got I think the last time promotions were done was in 2021 so that throws up quite some challenges. “At least, let’s look at it and see what we can do. So, we are not ignoring it. But you must also admit that a lot of things went wrong just like every other sector governor Otti stated.”

He added that his government is prioritizing the welfare of workers, hence he has been regular in salary payment and pensions on every 28th day of the month, assuring that arrears of leave allowances would be paid.

“My understanding of leave allowance is that they are due when you go on leave. We don’t have any problem paying people who are going on leave. If there are arrears that have not been paid.”

“Workers are now receiving their salaries on the 28th of every Month, as announced we are waiting an announcement at the Center to implement the minimum wage”
“At the last EXCO meeting,I had instructed the Head of Service and Chairman of Civil Service Commission to look into the issue of promotion and I think the last time Promotion was done was in 2021 , we are not ignoring it”
“Sometimes when civil Servants speak, they must understand that they represent a small percentage of the state, when we are building roads we are building for everyone and Civil Servants will be part of it”

On the issue of Suspension of his Appointees, the Governor said it was about Suspension and nothing more.

The state chief executive said that there is nothing wrong in suspending someone holding a position when serious allegations are made against the appointee.

He disclosed that a committee has been set up to investigate the allegations against his appointees saying that,
“By the time the committee completes its work, their report will be turned in and decision will be taken.”

Governor Alex Otti also revealed that a committee has been set up to rid the streets of the state of the mentally challenged individuals.

The Governor while responding to a question over his hosting of Promoters of South East University when there was a Bill to turn Abia State College of Education to a University, said the request of South East University Promoters was to start from the Abia State College of Education ,Arochukwu considering that there is space.
“My engagement with the College of Education shows that they have a large land to accommodate them”
“The Abia State College of Education Technical remains so, it won’t be renamed to South East University”he said.”

On the opposition,Governor Alex Otti reiterated  that his policy is once election are over, governance takes the centre stage
“This afternoon, I received the Former Governor who is the Senator representing Abia North Senatorial zone who came to visit us”
“The other day I was hosted by the People’s Democratic Party in the occasion of the birthday of Senator Wabara”
“I want to remark that we do not have any issue with those who criticize us, like someone said you are entitled to your opinion but what you are not entitled is your own state of facts”

The Governor restated that he was not elected Governor for personal aggrandizement but to work for the people.
No project will be named after me, we are not here for self aggrandizement, anyone you want to call legacy projects,you are Free”.

On the seventeen local government election, the Governor said his administration will conduct the Local Government election when it’s prepared as the law permits a Governor to appoint Transition Committees for the local government Area in the absence of an election.